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Hi everyone! Marie Mjolnir, here! As you may know, I am the Death Scythe formerly in charge of Oceania, known as the 'Demon Hammer.' Nowadays I lend a hand at the Death Weapon Meister Acadamy as teacher and a weapon to Franken Stein. So far, I've really enjoyed my time at the academy (even though it's a lot of work >.>), but I wish to share my adventures and findings, however tedious they may be. So be sure to stop by for some tea, get comfortable, and share what's on your mind, whether it be questions or about how your day was! (Independent RP Blog, may be 18+ NSFW...........................................................................................................
Love, ................................................................................................. ~Marie (M!A None)

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Why hello, my friends. Marieartcorner here! Finally getting back to the tablet after 2-3 months of settling into a new life, which is amazing btw!

But I am still without internet at the moment, so I can only snap a photo of my laptop with my phone. (I’ll upload it officially soon though)

I miss you all and shall hope to chat soon!

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"Hello, everyone! Did anyone miss me?"

//I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long, you guys. My time has been quite limited since I’ve begun working full time. And The paychecks are great!! But I do have so sacrifice some of my time here. T^T

So while I haven’t been able to be present as much as I’d like, I do keep a watchful eye over you all from a distance, and try to draw when I have some time. But do leave me some letters! I try to check back when I can!

Hello everyone!

//Marie-mun checking in! The past 2-3 weeks have been quite busy, which is why I’ve been on a brief hiatus while I got everything in order and settled into a new Job.

In other news, Marie-mun has a convention this past weekend: A-kon 25. It was so much fun! I finally debuted one of my cosplays that I’ve been working on for the past 6 months…and I was able to make the lineup for the Cosplay Contest too!! (I’ll post that so you can see!)

Well…I’m still enduring some heavy training for my new assistant manager position, so it will probably be a bit longer until I’m not brain-dead from being bombarded with information.

But I just wanted to let you all know I miss you, and that Marie-mun will be returning soon! Lotz of Love!


Plot # 42: Ghost (concept submitted by:charlesworthy-iii)

In the prime of their life, Muse A perishes in a tragic car accident. Shortly after, Muse B, who is in desperate need of an organ transplant, gets the call that they’re next on the list for donation. Muse A was an organ donor and because Muse A and Muse B were a perfect match, Muse B becomes a recipient of the vital organ from the recently departed Muse A. The transplant surgery goes well, however there are unforeseen side effects. While in the hospital, Muse B begins to see flashes in the corner of their eye of a person they’ve never seen before, Muse A. At first, Muse B dismisses the creepy sightings, assuming it has something to do with the medications they’re on. Once Muse B’s allowed to go home, the sightings become more frequent and Muse A’s non-corporeal form becomes more vivid. Muse B experiences the shock of their life when Muse A actually begins to speak to them one day, suggesting that they’re now connected somehow because of the transplant. Muse A may be dead, but they’re still hanging around and only Muse B can see them. Muse B is stuck with Muse A’s spirit at their side, and they have to learn how to live together for an indefinite future.


  • Muse A cannot leave a certain distance from Muse B.
  • Muse A can hear Muse B’s thoughts.


Confession: “I do like NOT, I do. But I kinda wish that if there was going to be a prequel then it should have been when Stien and Spirt were at school. It would have been cool to see their storylines”

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You gaiz…this is such a glorious occasion.


33 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now

Marie mun has an announcement

I’m now an assistant manager! Paaaaaay raaaaiiiiise for meeeeee

ayanematrix: 29

  • 29:Would you go pro?

For cosplay? Well…I’m already an graduate in art, so how much more broke could I be?! Jk XD To take on cosplay professionally would probably not be a logical choice, as I enjoy cosplay for the fun. There would alway be this pressure to best yourself and others in your field.

On the plus side though, I’d get to meet so many people, pass on my knowledge, and inspire others, which is a passion of mine. I love the challenge of learning new techniques and bringing mere concepts to life. So it depends on if the pros outweigh the cons.

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1: What was your first cosplay?
2: Favorite thing to cosplay?
3: Have you ever been in a panel at a convention?
4: How many people do you think you met because of cosplaying?
5: What do you think makes a 'good cosplay'?
6: Have a cosplay blog?
7: Ever done a group cosplay?
8: Couple's cosplay?
9: When did you start cosplaying?
10: Would you consider yourself good at cosplaying?
11: Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?
12: Shortest time to make?
13: Do you like Genderbent/AU cosplays?
14: List all of your cosplays.
15: Are you currently working on something?
16: Would you, if given the chance, cosplay at school/work?
17: Do any of your IRL friends cosplay?
18: What does your family think of it?
19: Do you consider cosplay an art?
20: Have you ever had to get help with a cosplay?
21: Least favorite thing to cosplay?
22: Ever been in a cosplay contest?
23: First con that you cosplayed at?
24: What's your definition of 'cosplay'?
25: Favorite tumblr cosplay ask blog?
26: Ever cosplay an inanimate object?
27: Who is your cosplay headcanon of your favorite character?
28: What is your 'Cosplay First Aid Kit' (what you use to repair a cosplay)?
29: Would you go pro?
30: Who is your favorite professional cosplayer?


//I really hope I get this new job…cause I tired of this boyfriend crap my roommate drags behind her at all times. and then when I try to nicely tell her she’s making me uncomfortable…she gets defensive.

She has her BF at the apartment 65% of the week.
Me? I rarely invite someone over once in a month..if any. 

That’s it. Give me the new job…so I can get my own damn apartment by myself >=C AND ALL THAT INHABIT THIS APARTMENT SHALL GET TO STRIP NAKED WHEN THEY GET HOME. …..Damnit.


shini fambily

[chorus of smaller noot noots]